Business Dialogue: Knowledge Sharing For Doing Business In Myanmar

5 April 2017

Australian Chamber of Commerce (AustCham Myanmar) organized a forum in Yangon to exchange views on investment in Myanmar.

The forum aims to foster the development of good investment community through dialogue between the investors and the Government officials.

Managing Partner, Baker & Mckenzie Limited, Jo Daniels: “I think this event can foster the development of a good investment community because it starts a dialogue between people who are investing, investors and the government and the country altogether actually about what people need to be able to invest. So I think it's good forum for people to exchange views on what people need to be able to invest and what the country can offer.”

AustCham Myanmar was established last year with the aims to connect the Australian Business Community in Myanmar with the local business people.

Executive Director, AustCham Myanmar , Vicky Thant Thitsa Aung: We expect those who face difficulties in doing business can get knowledge and information through this event. We also hope we all can overcome difficulties with unity by improving the country and benefiting. 

AustCham plans to continue to provide networking activities for the business community.