Film Festival: Movies On Democracy Awareness To Be Shown In September

18 July 2017

Film shooting for the movies to be screened at the Myanma Democracy Film Festival is now almost ready, said at the coordination meeting on Tuesday.

5 films will be screened for the festival. 4 out of them are finished but one will be expected to replace with Myanmar’s first 3D movie.

The festival aims to promote public involvement in democratization process.

Organizer, Organizing Committee, Zar Ga Nar: Through this festival, we would like to know the public that democracy is public participation. We’ve seen that most people don’t give effort but judging all the time especially on Facebook. So it is important to know to get involve as much as they can in the democratization process.

Dramatic art competition and a play will be included in the festival. 10 prizes will be awarded for the competition.

The organizer said that the public will come to understand the essence of democracy through this festival.

Organizer, Organizing Committee, Zar Ga Nar: As we are going on the democratization process, these films will spread the awareness on the democracy. They depict that democracy is duty and responsibility for everyone to develop the country. These films won’t teach the public what democracy is but will depict how it is.

Myanma Democracy Film Festival will be held from September 15th to 21st on the occasion of International day of Democracy and Peace.