Maritime Trading: Tomini Amity Docked At Sule Port Terminal

26 April 2017

The cargo ship named TOMINI AMITY docked at Myanmar Sule Port terminal in Yangon.

TOMINI AMITY arrived at Yangon on 23rd of this month. The ship will transport 22000 tons of rice to the West Africa after leaving this port.

Managing Director, Maha Nadi Maritime services co.,ltd., Captain Henry Khin Maung: The cargo trucks can run during the fix time under the rules and regulations of Yangon region government. So, I think it will affect the facilitating of trading. The cargo trucks just work at the night so we spend the whole day in vain with the cargo trucks. I mean that is the thing to review by the officials for the improvement of export trading. But I am really appreciating the work done of Myanmar Port Authority which they allow to dock for the huge vessels for being smoother trading.

The foreign exporters and importers are sharing the working experiences on the rice market in Myanmar.

Chief representative Myanmar, Mayar (India) limited, P. D. Maheshwari: “ … I am here last 20 year for exporting and importing various commonalties including rice and we have been buy rice since last 20 year for exporting to Africa. We can also doing some cargo like Colombo, Bangladesh but it depend on requirement…”

There are several types of vessels docked at Yangon port such as container vessel, general cargo vessel, oil tanker and many more. The ship will set off at the first week of May.