Singapore AI company works towards spotting video violence

28 April 2017

A Singapore company is working to improve artificial intelligence. Its software can automatically spot and block videos with undesirable content.       PRESIDENT AND CEO, ABHIJIT SHANBHAG            So it will detect 'there is a person', it will detect 'there is a baby', it will detect the activities that the person is involved with the baby, it will detect the emotions of the person, it will detect any, the screaming sound of the baby and various other clues that might be there, so if the baby has moved from one place to another place in an anomalous way that will be part of the data which it will extract."        ENGINEER, HARSH MUNSHI          "We take a lot of videos and we train those particular sequences as fighting and then we have got a model ready, now when we deploy it say for example a surveillance camera any action which is close to this particular thing would be classified as fighting and you can send an alarm back to the control room or control panel."                       Users' content is run through Graymatics' algorithms, which identify undesirable content with up to 95% accuracy, with only a few seconds' delay, according to Graymatics.