Sports Imagining: Seminar On Sports Imagining

7 August 2017

Sports Imagining Seminar kicked off for the first time at Thuwana National Indoor Stadium on Monday.

Aiming to share knowledge about sports imagining, improve skill of radiologists and have better treatment when bone diseases are diagnosed, it was organized by Myanmar Radiology Society in collaboration with Ministry of Health and Sports and some foreign universities. 

Senior Consultant Radiologist, Thingangyun Sanpya Hospital, Dr. Naing Naing Aung said “We chose important and effective subjects related to musculoskeletal radiology and a talk will be conducted by a foreign speaker including demonstration. I think this seminar is a good start to share knowledge about musculoskeletal radiology.”

Radiologists, M. Sc and doctorate students and orthopedic surgeons attended the seminar.

Lecturer, University of Medicine (2), Dr. Aung Hpone Pyae said “I expect this seminar will benefit for radiologists as they will get much knowledge on sport imagining process in analyzing muscular trauma of an athlete patient or even any patient. Actually there will be better treatment by an orthopedic surgeon if the radiologists do sport imaging process well like MRI or Ultrasound. So this seminar is very helpful, I think.”

Sports Imagining Seminar will run until August 8th.