Summer Sport Activities: Student Increasing In Summer Sport Activities

13 March 2017

The Ministry of health and sports organized the opening ceremony of summer sport activities was conducted in Yangon on Monday.

The summer sport activities for the schools include 35 kinds of sports such as martial art, football, swimming etc. According to the Director of sport and health.

Director , Ministry of sport and health , Ohman Aung : We’ve opened such kind of summer activities for the schools every year after completion of exams. These are not only the sport activities but also they can raise the creative thinking of the children. They will be benefitted from these summer school activities.

One of the parents expresses her feeling with this summer school for the children.

Parent, Ye Mon Thant : This summer sport activities for the schools are very good for our children. They spend their time in doing unbeneficial things. This summer sport activities will bring them to the better future and physical good health.

This academic year, the students who take part in the summer sport activities are increasing prepared to the previous year.