Walking robots could soon save lives, deliver packages

15 February 2017

Oregon State University launches a robot business aimed at bringing "legged locomotion" to wide-scale use.          JONATHAN HURST, ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF ROBOTICS       "So what we're trying to achieve is the versatility, and the robustness, and the efficiency of locomotion that we see in animals. We want to be able to design and build machines that can go anywhere that a human can go and run on about the same amount of energy."So a lot of the difference between our machine walking around and a lot of other robots you might see is really under the hood, and you don't notice it until the robot encounters a completely unexpected disturbance and stumbles and recovers, whereas the other machine might never be able to handle that sort of thing."           Cassie, walking robot, was built with a $1 million grant from the U.S. government.