YSX Workshop: Sharing Knowledge On Stock Exchange Market

27 July 2017

To share knowledge on stock exchange market as a part of educative program, Yangon Stock Exchange held media workshop for the first time on Wednesday.

As the country haven’t been touched with stock exchange market for many years, investors, insurers and media still look unfamiliar with it.

So, to share the knowledge on it and explain YSX’s performance, YSX conducted this workshop in its over one year old establishment since 2016.

YSX’s next step will be institutional development after this educative program which media won’t be left behind in it.

Executive Senior Manager, Administration Department (YSX), Thet Htun Oo: Whether we announce selling stock or release information during dealing, we have public disclosure of stock market information. So all this information will be reached to the public through media and those should be uniform so that different interpretation can’t be happened. If this practice is going on, it will support for quality and transparency of the information. For customers, they can get investment decision from correct information.

YSX also suggested that the media would have industry-wise reporting so that questions can be update and quality and can give efficient information at the same time.

By doing so, YSX will organize long term training or workshop with technical support if the media wish to promote knowledge related with stock market.